Fresh starts are always good.

Taking a break from the everyday routine can be a good thing. It may kick you back a few steps but in the end you will feel better about what work you get done after a moment of rest. I can honestly say I feel like the first time around I was rushing it and getting ahead of myself. Yes, I have probably confused, maddened, saddened and pissed off people in this time period but I am doing this for the better. At first I wanted to make it up to myself and others. However, now I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore and if you don’t agree with my actions then stop reading this blog.

I believe my time to shine is coming and it may be coming a little later than expected now but it definitely has become and will be more interesting as the seconds go by.

As of lately, I have gone back to basics to develop and refine my skills. Sketching and drawing everything is definitely refreshing, therapeutic and broadens my mind and coordination.

For now I will leave you with this…(pencil drawing imitation of a z brush model I found online)


That was fun.

‘Til next time,