Back to School…

Hello Everyone,

This is a project I have done for my portfolio and so far I have the exterior direction. I want to keep it short and simple to communicate and convey my design from inspiration and show my viscom (pencil/marker sketching) skills as they stand right now I will be re-applying for Art Center to pick up where I left off so right now I am stuck between 2nd and 3rd term since I will have to re-do 3rd. After I get a better grasp on exterior and interior design (function, entering/exiting, user experience etc) as well as digital sketching/rendering I will add to this project as the time goes. For now this is what I want to submit with my other projects.

These are all 11 X 17 layouts.

The main title page will be in the portfolio as you open up the folder.

The graphics/research on the microscopic zoomed in Microsoft logo will be side by side.

The benchmark and inspiration pages will be side by side.

The two pages of smaller sketches will be side by side.

The ideation page with the semi-final direction will be next to the vehicle package

The final two views will be side by side.

I am considering throwing in a “Final Direction” page like the cover page and then putting the final front 3/4 and package as a second an third read on a two page spread with the rear 3/4 being the first read.

I will probably go this route before I print it out to turn it in.