My First Self-Portrait.

Seriously? You thought it would be…serious? Advertisements

Pest Control.

​Another black and white turned color. ​ ​This time I treated it illustration style with layered paper. Canson, with cut outs for the white extreme highlights and went really dark on the darks… Continue reading

Das Thumbnails

Some quick blue paper marker sketches.

Dumped, Stretched, Rolled

My first attempt at an aftermarket rendering.  


This was my first ever car design project ever. I did it at my first Art Center at Night course at Art Center’s South Campus. It was for my Introduction to Product/Transportation Design… Continue reading

And the “eyes” have it

My eye in three similar but different mediums. (Done on the blank back of  three 3 X 5 inch notecards)

Aesop’s Fable

This is from June 3rd, 2012. I did this for a drawing class assignment. We had to pick a Fable from a book of Aesop’s writings and depict it with pencil. I believe… Continue reading

I missed you Newsprint…

It definitely feels good to warm up on Newsprint. If it’s clean cool, if it’s dirty…it’s still cool. But it definitely felt invigorating to sketch on this long and low paper and come… Continue reading

Venturing through the unknown

Another attempt at environment in my tiny #porschemuseum sketchbook I got as a gift from my awesome father-in-law during my #Eurotrip in #Summer2013. This time quickly with one marker. This is circa December… Continue reading

Out of the garage and into the pad

My first attempt at an interior environment