Daddy needs a new RV!


How to Kill Time in 20 Minutes…

An Underwater Adventure…

Orchids for Mother

A mother’s day present for my dear mama in 2012

Stirred…not shaken. (12X18 pencil)

A View from under the Bridge (18×24 pencil)


A Blast from the Past

Holy 2007. These were some of my first real attempts at art. As I look back on these, I want to hang my head low in shame but I am happy about my… Continue reading

Slacking and lacking.

Wow. So I guess it was about a year ago that I said I would be posting up work soon. Yeah. That did not happen. So if you all don’t mind I think… Continue reading


Ok so I STILL haven’t uploaded the work yet…but stay tuned! Everything will be up soon!!! Until then…laugh at this…I hope no one sues me for using this picture…but it totally suits the… Continue reading